Red Light Anti Human Trafficking Initiative

Red Light is an established Section 21 company which is recognised as a lead role player in the field of Human Trafficking and the sex worker industry. The Red Light project came into being in 2008 having joined the newly established provincial (HPPB) Human Trafficking, Prostitution, pornographic and Brothel task team of KZN. The task team have accepted the international focus on

  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Prosecution
  • Partnerships


1. Learner Lights: Red Light’s main focus to date has been the Prevention, focussing on training and awareness in corporate, schools in both rural and urban areas as well as in churches. Red Light has reached over 30 000 men, woman and children, establishing us as one of the most recognised training facilities within the EThekwini district and further afield on Human Trafficking prevention and awareness.


1. Care Lights: In order to assist and ensure the personal well-being of abused women, sex workers and victims of Human Trafficking, Red Light has been a main provider of personal packs to victims which have been distributed into recognised and registered shelters as well as the Witness Protection Programme. Packs include clothing, basic toiletries, entertainment items and various other carefully considered items for holistic rehabilitation.

2. Night Lights: Red Light’s Night Lights initiative reaches sex workers and trafficked woman and minors on the streets in the Point Precinct during the night and more recently during the day in the Stamford Hill area. This impacts on the lives of women already involved in the sex industry as well as prospective victims who are vulnerable and at risk of entering the sex trade under false pretences.
The Night Lights initiative works directly with drug dealers, addicts, pimps, vulnerable children at risk as well as victims of Human Trafficking. Red Light does not work on their own and have strong partnerships with recognised NGO’s and registered shelters for intervention. The Open Door Crisis Care Centre is the preferred referral of choice due to their holistic counselling, social services, shelter accommodation and on-going support.

3. Prayer Lights: The spiritual aspect of working with victims of Human Trafficking is of significant importance to Red Light. Regular prayer meetings are held in support of our work at various churches and prayer is particularly aimed at praying for freedom for victims nationally and internationally.

4. Marketing Lights: This initiative is an awareness programme through various mediums such as marketing campaigns, awareness events, the Red Light website and social media tools such as our bi-monthly newsletter, Facebook and Twitter followers.
Red Light is a forerunner in awareness, providing and strives to be, one of the lead resources and information centres in South Africa.

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